Friday, 10 August 2012

Science Films Are Awesome

Right now I'm half way through watching 'Sunshine' directed by Danny Boyle. I'm loving it, and it has inspired me to post about the great science films (I guess that includes Sci Fi as well). In all honestly, I've seen loads of sci fi films, who hasn't? I can't remember having seen too many 'science films'. One I can remember is 'Moon'. It's still a sci fi, but it's much more than that. It's probably too complicated and mind bending of a story to describe to anyone, however I would highly recommend it.

Another good one is 'A Beautiful Mind', very clever and doesn't take the elitist approach that could have quite easily been used, presents complex mathematics that can be understood by anyone with a basic grasp of maths, but without making you feel like it has been dumbed down for you. A very difficult thing to do.
Are there any films you would recommend? I'd love to see a great autobiographic of a scientist, I don't know if these exist, maybe they aren't of high enough interest to be a blockbuster. I can't help but feel a film about Einstein must be out there somewhere. Who knows, maybe we've hit on a niche here. There you go guys, get inspired and then happy film making!

Poster for 'Moon'

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