Sunday, 5 August 2012

London 2012: Inspiring a nation... and a scientist.

A less science related post than the usual intelligent, mind-blowing, interesting (OK, i'm going a bit over the top, but my blog, my rules) posts you avid readers (again, over the top I know). Firstly, if in the unlikely event any of Team GB's brilliant medal winners are reading (I hear Jess Ennis spends her free time doing titrations), congratulations to every single athlete. truly doing Britain proud. I'm quite a sporty guy, have done too many sports to count in my 20 years. You could call me a jack of all sports, master of none. All the sport talk going on right now took me back to my first visit to Kent for my course open day. When one of the 3rd years showing us round got to the 'any unrelated questions' part of the tour, no one said anything apart from me... 'What are the sports facilities like? How much is gym membership?' His reply? 'How should I know? I'm a physicist...' I almost punched that douche straight in his face. Obviously I wouldn't, i'm a lover not a fighter. I just really hate the idea that you can't be smart, a geek or even be interested in science and still be interested in sports. The notion that you can only do one or another really gets to me, and is completely untrue. Both Vitali and Wladamir Klitschko, who hold pretty much every heavyweight boxing belt right now, both have Ph.Ds for fuck sake. Anyone who ever tells you that if you take up science you'll always get picked last in sports are lying. Rant over. I watched every moment of the kayaking and canoe slalom this week and was enthralled. So much so, that as soon as I get back to uni i'm going to join the canoeing/kayaking club. 4 years ago Heather Stanning, who just won a gold medal in rowing a few days ago, had barely ever been in a boat before, let alone considered professional rowing and the thought that she could win an Olympic medal. 4 years from now in Rio, I will be in my boat, paddling for my country to bring you back a gold medal. You heard it here first.

Jess Ennis wins gold for Team GB

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