Monday, 3 March 2014

Episode VI: The Return of The Scientist

After a long delay, and much thought I am back... and, unlike Luke returning to his aunt and uncle's place after a Storm Trooper raid, I have good news! More on that in a moment. First the question which I know is whirring around all your grey matter: Where have I been?

The more attentive followers may remember that some time ago I had a big decision to make, to stay in education or move out into the big wide world of taxes, suits and smug business men. You can read that post here. So I made that choice, and I chose the big wide world away from the comforts of student halls, body shots and drinks for a quid. What did I do you ask? Having discovered to my dismay, as have countless science graduates recently, that having a degree in a certain discipline, in no way means you can then go and work in that discipline I eventually took up a job as a 'Medical Sales Representative'. If you're wondering what that means, it means I sell prescription drugs to doctors. 

This 'dream job' that was sold to me came with a good starting salary, a company car and even a pension. Yet after one month of driving around to countless meetings, all of which selling the same dull products of which I have no interest in, I realised the gravity of the mistake I had made. I needed the lab back, I needed the experiments, I needed everything that I gave up when I chose not to pursue postgraduate education. I need a PhD I feel my mind screaming at me. 

So, back to that good news I mentioned at the start of this post: After months of trying to identify a project that I felt comfortable that I had a great interest in, writing out personal statements, CVs and desperately trying to get my old lecturers to submit references on time, I believe I am on the verge of being offered a place. I had the interview, big tick. My next step is to meet the company funding the project, which the interviewer (and hopefully future supervisor) told me would be a formality...

If all goes well, I'll stay around here to let you know what's going on, rant, empty my mind, and offer advice to anyone who wants it. 

Let's do this.

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